1. When was The Jonathan House Ministries established?

We originated in the spring of 2002, and are a 501c3 organization.


2. What areas of ministry assistance can we expect?

The Jonathan House is a diverse ministry. Click on the links below to find out more.


3. What is the fee for these offerings?

We require a donation in the areas of deliverance ministry, all cleansings and speaking engagements. All fees are tax deductible for you.


4. What is Personal Deliverance Ministry?

At The Jonathan House we define deliverance as: Setting the captives free. This could involve counseling, teaching, encouragement, and the elimination of unwanted spiritual influences in one’s life, but most likely a combination of all. In this process, we facilitate healing and restoration of the whole person – body, soul, and spirit – with an emphasis on love and restoration.  


5. What are the requirements for someone to receive ministry from The Jonathan House?

As long as you have a sincere desire to be free from bondage and have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior you can experience deliverance at The Jonathan House.


6. How do I know if deliverance is for me?

Only the Holy Spirit can reveal if you are ready for deliverance. Ask yourself these questions: Am I satisfied in my current walk with the Lord? Do I see reoccurring problems in my life? Do I see certain issues affecting several members of my family? Have I had multiple sexual partners? Have I been involved in a major trauma or accident? To learn more about how Satan gains access to your life click here.
7. What does a Jonathan House team look like?
Our ministry leaders have been extensively trained in healing and deliverance (setting the captives free), and are comprised of two to three highly qualified and skilled individuals.
8.   What do I wear?
Come comfortably and modestly dressed. No low-cut or form fitting tops are allowed. Our ministry team wears slacks/jeans and casual, modest shirts/tops.
9.   Why do I have to fill out the questionnaire when I can just explain things when I am with you?
It is a requirement in order to receive ministry. Your responses help leaders identify strongholds in your life, and each form is studied and prayed over by your team before your scheduled appointment.
10. Is my questionnaire kept confidential?
The only people who see your questionnaire are the leaders who will be working with you during your ministry session.
11. Do you keep my questionnaire when we are through with the deliverance session?
We keep one confidential copy in a locked file.
12. Are you available to speak/teach in churches?
For additional information on booking a public speaking event or to request The Jonathan House Ministries to minister at your church or event, send an email to info@jonathanhouseministries.com or call 507-282-8845 between the hours of 9am – 5pm CST.