Video Testimonial

Testimonies of Changed Lives
Two years have passed already since my time of ministry with you at the Jonathan House. The experience was dramatic, powerful, and unforgettable; it also remains close to my heart. Above all it helped provide me with a deeper understanding of God’s love and his amazing (and almost unbelievable) desire to see his children completely whole - body, soul, and spirit. It also helped me comprehend better the depth of His grace and holiness. I wish to say thank you again for your time and prayers. Thank you also for being faithful to the call that the Lord has placed upon your lives. Through this much needed ministry, people truly can and are being set free.
Thank you so very much for your “yes” to Jesus. You are His powerful witness of love, compassion, and mercy. I pray that your beautiful ministry will continue to grow and enrich many lives and lead them deeper into God’s love.
I just want to tell you both again how much your ministry has gotten me through with the values and teachings and strength you have brought into my being. It’s in part because of you I’m seeing what I see on a sometimes daily and surely weekly basis.
The ministry you are doing is so important, as well as meaningful. I was extremely impressed with the way in which the ministry was done: with love, compassion, with great thoroughness and without prejudice. I couldn’t think of a better place to learn.
During the prayer time, the fear and anger I unknowingly picked up from living in a home ravaged by alcoholism was exposed and released. I felt such relief. Moreover my heart became indescribably sensitive to God.
I have been freed from bonds that I didn’t even know I had. I can finally see my God knows me and he deeply loves me. He is healing and softening my heart. My body is sore and tired but my spirit is free.
I have never been through deliverance or seen one so I was very nervous and unprepared when I came to you. I want to thank you both for the compassion and love I felt from you two as you took me down that road. Demons that had been in my life since the age of 6 had just dug into me and had grown bigger. I really didn’t know the impact they had in my life until Jesus set me free. They had touched every area and had control over a lot of my thoughts. Inside I was empty, lonesome, and very afraid. I’ve had to deal with some of these temptations since my deliverance and I have been able to spot them and best of all walk away from them. Things came out of my mouth during deliverance that no one else knew about that kept me in bondage. I carried so much inside of me that was painful and only shame could be proud of. I’m now free to talk to others about what I went through and if God wants to use me to share my story with others to help them I would be able to do it. I give God all the praise for loving me for who I am and taking the weight of the world off me.
To experience no pain in my mind and body was awesome. I feel great love for my husband.
I am so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for his gifts of life and healing which I received through deliverance and the follow up teaching that I have participated in there. I am so grateful for the many blessings that the Jonathan House has given me. I hope you find it to be as liberating and heartfelt as I have.
We are certainly enjoying the new “free” Rebecca. She is lighter, softer, more generous, and more joyful than I have ever seen her! We are rejoicing over what HE has done. I too am experiencing some wonderful results from the prayers I received! Thank you, thank you, a hundred times, thank you!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your wonderful ministry! It is obvious God works through you to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners……
I want to thank you for your prayers and gracious kindness in my deliverance. I feel so much more freedom and even more that than PEACE. God is so good and faithful.
My wife, and I were EXTREMELY apprehensive about attending a prayer and deliverance session. However, our fears were totally unfounded. The experience was pin point accurate prayer specific to the individual survey filled out prior to our appointments. The environment was that of love, blessings and care. My wife and I now agree that The Jonathan House is important for every Christian. Being free is Biblical!
I had no idea how deeply broken and held in bondage I was until I tasted true freedom! I have been a Christian for many years. And although I believed that Jesus was powerful enough to die for me and my sins, I was not convinced that He would use His power to free me of the anxiety, fear, guilt and hopelessness that plagued me my entire life. This "baggage" I carried around imprisoned me and kept me from accomplishing His will for my life. However, in His perfect time, the Lord brought The Jonathan House Ministries into my life and used its faithful servants to lead me to a place of healing and freedom. They helped me to fully understand the power and victory that comes with being a child of God. I am learning more and more about my identity in Christ. I am actively choosing to walk with him daily and stand firm in the strength of the Lord. Believe me, once you experience true freedom, there is no turning back! 

The Jonathan House Ministry provides deliverances for people who want to be healed. They have extensive experience in dealing with spiritual warfare. My deliverance was very powerful and loving, filled with scripture and was a very orderly procedure.

The Jonathan House has  a gentle and caring way of seeing things, especially spiritual things. During my deliverance I felt like a dump truck was in my chest that kept dumping out all the garbage. There were oppressive spirits that had to surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ. Their release takes mental work, but the peace that follows is so wonderful. After I was finished, all I could feel, think and say is “I AM FREE”! I felt such a refreshing freedom that a joy filled my heart like I have never felt before. I now understood what being victorious is all about! I am more than a Conqueror through Him who loved ME! The oppression is not there anymore, it’s like a weight that has been lifted. The Holy Spirit has filled me with such love. Every believer needs to experience this freedom and right to victory.