Running a non-profit organization has its own set of challenges but running a non-profit ministry that is not funded by churches or outside organizations has an even more unique set of challenges. Over the years word of mouth advertising has proven to be the most effective form of advertisement.

This  Testimonial Form has proven to be an invaluable investment into the longevity and health of the ministry. As a courtesy to The Jonathan House would you please answer our questions and return it to us. Upon receipt of your completed form, we will send you your choice of one of our popularly requested books: Trust Me, Child or Food From the King’s Table, per the box you check below.

It was a privilege to minister God’s love, grace, healing, forgiveness, and deliverance to you. Thank you for entrusting The Jonathan House Ministries with your healing and deliverance needs. If The Jonathan House can be of further assistance to you or someone you know, please feel free to contact us.
May God continually bless you on your journey to wholeness.


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1. What stood out to you in regards to your ministry time with The Jonathan House Ministries?
2. How would you describe how you were treated by The Jonathan House Ministries team?
3. How has your life changed since your ministry time with The Jonathan House?
4. In what areas have you experienced freedom?
 5. Did you receive any physical, emotional, or mental healing during your ministry time? If so, please explain.
6. In your opinion, what is the biggest reason someone should experience personal ministry from The Jonathan House Ministries?
7. If someone has fear and anxiety but is considering getting assistance from this ministry, what advice would you give them?
Feel free to use the additional space provided below to expound on any of the above questions or to add other comments/suggestions.

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