In the simplest of terms The Jonathan House Ministries purpose and passion is discipleship. What sets us apart is our approach and effectiveness. When it comes to discipleship it’s not a “one size fits all” but rather, a lifelong process that is unique and specific to each individual. We believe discipleship should be more than solid biblical teaching. True discipleship should extend far beyond the realm of biblical truth and into the area of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). For a man to live a Godly life and never engage his destiny would be a tragic misuse of the blood of Calvary.

The long time success of The Jonathan House has been built on several cornerstones. The first cornerstone is spiritual and corporate purity. We have created several detailed and in-depth questionnaires designed to expose potential entry points the devil may use to gain access to an individual’s life, business, or home/property. Only after the spiritual impurity of an individual has been properly dealt with can the individual accept and engage the full destiny God has placed on their life. The second cornerstone is creating a culture that promotes success. During our weekly equipping meetings we create an environment that aids individuals to step out in faith and learn to be led by the Spirit of God without the fear of being reprimanded. No one learned to walk in the natural without falling a few times. Why should be expect people to learn to walk in the Spirit without a few falls? We believe the road to breakthrough and success is void of failure but instead filled with many learning opportunities. One of our main goals is to create a model for ministry that results in national transformation. We believe that if an individual has an opportunity to properly deal with their historical and spiritual past, it will free them from the bondages and prisons they have reluctantly called home. Once freed from the past, an individual is then free to pursue the greater life in God they have been created for. The natural progression of discipleship, if done correctly, will be a complete transformation within an individual, resulting in a spiritual, social, and cultural transformation of a specific geographical area.

The heartbeat of The Jonathan House Ministries lies in awakening destiny in the hearts of men and women. Through deliverance, inner healing, counseling, mentoring, and discipleship, The Jonathan House Ministries is helping equip an army that is confident, and well equipped for battle that rages today. The Jonathan House is committed to change the spiritual climate of America through changing the lives of people one individual at a time.